Fragments from Old Ballads (1684) - The Rotterdam Dutchman, with fleet-cutting scates...

Fragmenten uit oude Engelse ballades over schaatsende Hollanders op de rivier de Thames in december 1684 in Londen waar toen tijdens een bijzonder koude periode markt op het ijs werd gehouden.


The Rotterdam Dutchman, with fleet-cutting scates,

To pleasure the crowd shows his tricks and his feats;

Who, like a rope dancer (for his sharp steels),

His brains and activity lies in his heels.


The Dutchmen here, in nimble-cutting scates,

To please the crowd do show their tricks and feats,


The Dutch that in great

Large shoals used to meet,

And clapt their crook’d scates on their foot,

Now no more dare appear

To make folken stare

While on the smooth surface they float.